Long-term inventory storage or short-term product storage.

Murrells’ warehouse and inventory management service in Wollongong keeps your stock safe and easily accessible.

After long-term inventory or short-term product storage near you? Yes, we can do that!

Our favourite bit is that you’ll always know where you stock is with our clever technology to track your inventory.

You won’t need to chase us for information. We’ll always stay ahead of what you need.

Call our friendly warehousing and logistics manager today on 02 4272 2686.


Large Wollongong Warehouse

You can store your inventory easily in our huge Wollongong warehouse, right next to distribution service you need to freight it. There’s a cost effective answer, right? We think so.

Stocktake Technology

Stocktake was never so easy. Murrells use CargoWise logistics software for the right reports and monitoring whenever you need. Accuracy matters.

24/7 Security

Our lockable, covered warehouse in Wollongong is monitored by top-notch 24/7 cameras and security. We keep it safe. No need to worry.

Great Communication
Great Communication

Our warehouse manager keeps you informed whenever you need. Stocktake monitoring is a breeze. We’re always there to take your call. Always responsive and accurate.

Long-term Warehouse or Short-term Warehouse Service

Murrell Freight Lines in Wollongong can warehouse your inventory, machinery, or construction materials for as short term or as long term as you need.

Big Team for Efficient Service

You need to store or check your inventory quickly. A big warehouse team can move quickly to move your inventory at a moment’s notice.

We have the import & export specialists covered.

We transport goods to import and export from:

Our customers include:

We’re specialists in refrigeration, big machinery, and containers of any size.

Quick and professional: tick that AQIS/quarantine compliance box and get on your way.

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What you’ll get from us is a bit different, taking you that extra mile.

Need something a little extra? Ask us about how these can help with your job.