Pack & Unpack

Logistics service to unpack, pick and pack local and interstate freight.

Murrells’ logistics service can pick, pack and unpack your inventory, containers and pallets for easy storage and distribution.

Inventory management made easy at our Wollongong warehouse. Transport and distribution is a breeze.

Our Murrells warehouse logistics team is dependable, who picks and pack with ease.

Forklifts are our friend. We can wield them like we were born to do it, being both prompt and reliable.

Call our friendly warehousing and logistics manager today on 02 4272 2686.


Forklifts are Our Friend
Forklifts are our Friend

Need a container unloaded? How about a pallet or package picked and packed? After our trucks deliver it, we’ll get that sorted safely and efficiently.

Stocktake Technology

Stocktake was never so easy. Murrells use CargoWise logistics software for the right reports and monitoring whenever you need. Accuracy matters.

24/7 Security

Our lockable, covered warehouse in Wollongong is monitored by top-notch 24/7 cameras and security. We keep it safe. No need to worry.

Great Communication
Great Communication

Our warehouse manager keeps you informed whenever you need. Stocktake monitoring is a breeze. We’re always there to take your call. Always responsive and accurate.

After 20 years managing the Murrells warehouse, I’ve seen it all. What people care about the most is good communication. When they need to know anything, I’m always there. If they want advice, I’ll guide them through it. No worries.