Dangerous Goods Freight

Need a large Australian interstate freight company with a highly experienced team? Look no further.

We understand that safety is a priority.

For dangerous goods freight in Australia compliance is important.

You want to transport batteries, chemical or clinical waste, talk to us about our quick turnaround times and competitive rates.

With 60+ trucks on the road every day, and the backing of 100+ staff, we are confident we can deliver what you need, when you need it, in a way that’s safe and secure.


Large Australian Truck Fleet
Large Australian Truck Fleet

Among Australia’s largest trucking companies with 60+ trucks travelling across eastern Australia. We mainly drive Kenworth trucks, trusted and reliable with less breakdowns.

National Transport Headquarters
National Transport Headquarters

A 30+ team of transport technicians based in Wollongong monitor our truck and your load 24/7. They’re our guardians. Keeping our drivers moving do your inventory arrives in the right condition on time.

Chain of Responsibility Assured

We assure the safety of your load with our National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (NHVA) and a commitment to compliance with the Chain of Responsibility legislation.

Tracking Technology
Tracking technology

Murrells has invested in some of the world’s most impressive freight tracking tools. We can monitor every load remotely, inside and out, so we get there quicker, and stay safe.

Efficient 24-hour turnaround time

We know you don’t want to waste good money waiting around. Good relationships with port authorities make collecting cargo and de-hiring turnaround times quick and efficient.

Trusted and WellTrained Drivers
Trusted and well-trained drivers

We’ve 50+ years doing this. We are compliant. We have all the right training and fleet accreditations. We’ve built a well-trained and professional trucking team.

Need somewhere to unpack and store your inventory?

We support our diverse road transport service with an integrated logistics offering.

How we can help you:

Wearhouse your inventory for as long as you need with our large storage facility, based in Wollongong. Short term and long term storage.

We can also pack and unpack your containers from our trucks.


We do more than standard trucks and trailers. What you’ll get from us is a bit different, taking you that extra mile.

Need something a little extra? Ask us about how these can help with your job.

Prime Movers & Tautliner Trailer

Our hero Kenworth trucks transport boxes and pallets both interstate or locally.

Tilt Tray

Efficient hydraulic heavy lifting, with loads secured by chains to be safely transported.


Temperature controlled trailers for frozen groceries and produce.

Oversized Loads

All wide load capability accreditations you need. Ask us about escort cars too.

Side Loader

Lift your import and export. Overweight containers to your doorstep.

Tipping Skel

Let’s make unloading bulk containers easier and faster.

Forklifts & Handling

No job too small. 0-56 tonne forklifts and reach stackers.

Street Sweeper

Remove debris, materials, clear stormwater pits and more.


Can’t take delivery now? We can keep it safe till you need it delivered.


Public weighbridge in Wollongong to verify your weight for compliance or registering your caravan, car, or truck.