The Murrells way. Yes we can do that.

Our clients come first. Our staff work tirelessly. Our technology enables things to get there faster, in a safe and professional way.

Entrenched in the Illawarra community since 1972, Murrell Freight Lines has stood to one core value. If you require help, we work harder than any other trucking company to do what you need. To say yes.

Along the way, we’ve been welcomed by our community. That’s why we also invest in community and charity initiatives. That matters too.

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For Our Clients

We’re in this for the long term. We listen. We’re responsive. We’re accountable. We want to make this a long-term partnership and deliver time and time again what you need, when you need it.

Our People

Our 100+ team of transport professionals, warehousing specialists and logistics experts care to do a good job for our clients and each other. We show respect and do what we promise. Taking leadership matters.

Safety Matters

We care that our people and your inventory arrive safe. Nothing is more important. We emphasise compliance with specialist staff, accreditation, training, and technology.

Enabled by Good Technology
Enabled by Good Technology

Good technology helps us stay safe, manage your inventory accurately and get there on time. This focus means we’re more professional and can meet your expectations better than others.

Community Minded

Since day dot we’ve given back. Enriched by the community we serve, we welcome local charities and causes to get in touch with us for local community building initiatives.

Excellence and Expertise
Excellence and Expertise

We want to do more than the others. Demonstrate the value of 50+ years in market knowledge and experience. We promise to always deliver excellence in service and performance.

Our strongest and longest charity partnership

Illawarra Convoy unites the freight community to support families affected by potentially life- threatening medical conditions with food and fuel vouchers, medical equipment, schooling needs, pharmacy accounts and more.

Every year since the beginning we’ve been proud to lead the convoy across the Illawarra, horns a-ready to salute and support those who need it most.

Show your support this September, Sunday November 19, 2023.

To run a business that matters, is to connect all that we do to making a positive difference for everyone we deal with. That’s seen in how we talk with each other, how we help our clients and give back to our community and charities.

Michael Murrell